Of all healthcare professions, Pediatric Private Practice Owners may well be the noblest yet the least supported. These dedicated practitioners devote themselves to helping kiddos meet milestones and lead independent lives through physical, occupational and speech therapy. Yet, as a profession, they have fewer resources to help them grow and prosper than medical doctors, dentists and even PTs who treat adults only.

That’s why Survival Strategies has created custom training and consulting programs to help you, the Pediatric Private Practice Owner, grow your practice and steadily bring in more revenue, so you can help more and more kiddos.


Love it or hate it, you’re the CEO of your Pediatric Private Practice. The buck stops with you. Your success depends on your ability to be an inspiring leader and manage your practice.

Just like pediatric therapy, practice management has its own body of technology which must be learned and applied. We do know you weren’t taught this subject in school. The good news is we can provide you with proven management technology in the form of practical tools for organizing and managing all or any one aspect of your practice. We will make you as competent a CEO as you are a therapist.


Growing a pediatric private practice has a seemingly endless number of moving parts. There’s finding and hiring talented staff, plus managing them correctly so they stay. There’s scheduling, treatment, collections, insurance, marketing and much more. We haven’t even mentioned economic downturn, the pandemic, and more. It’s no wonder some Pediatric Private Practice Owners burn out and then put brakes on their own growth. 

Survival Strategies offers customized training and consulting programs that enable you to organize for growth, so you can reach your practice goals and still have time for what’s important to you outside the clinic. 


Survival Strategies is the only training and consulting firm to guarantee ROI from its programs. To make good on our promise, we first train you on the tools of management to address the issues you want addressed in the practice. Then a highly trained consultant guides you through an internship to the point you are getting results on your own without your consultant. We know you’ve made it when you recover the cost of your Survival Strategies programs.


Survival Strategies clients experience rave results from our programs including highest-ever volumes of new patients, visits, collections and profitability. 


See what Survival Strategies can do for you and your practice with a Free Financial Assessment Tool. We assure you, the results will be eye-opening. Request your free analysis now

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to run a growing private practice—the knowledge you need is right here.