Just like professional athletes, Private Practice Owners need some coaching to realize their full potential. They might also need some pep talks along the way. Once you’ve gained the knowledge provided by each SSI program, you’ll then work with a consultant for between five and twelve months as part of an extensive Private Practice coaching internship. 

During this internship, you’ll learn how to implement statistics (also known as “key performance indicators”) and how to use them in management. A proprietary software system will do much of the work for you.

You and your coach will then set performance goals for your practice, such as a specified number of new patients or total collections for a one-week period. When the week is over, you and your coach will review how well the practice did on reaching its goals. How can you support the areas that made its goals and help the ones that didn’t?



Just like a sports coach, your consultant will also advise you on your plays, i.e., the strategic actions to take as a CEO in terms of marketing, HR, management and more. The goal is to ensure every step you take is destined to give you the fastest possible return on investment and a big win.

As mentioned, this period of coaching is actually an internship in which each client is supported as they develop the skills they need to continue their practice growth on their own. All of our training, consulting and coaching programs are carefully designed so our clients no longer need to rely on a consultant by program completion. But we’ll still be in the stands cheering as you rack up more and more wins.


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