Survival Strategies Case Study: John R. Mishock, D.C., MPT
Mishock Physical Therapy and Associates
Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania

Challenges: When he started out renting office space from two chiropractors, John wasn’t yet educated in how to structure his practice for stress-free growth. He could never take a vacation because the practice needed him constantly. He wanted to open more practices in his own tailor-made office spaces but didn’t have enough control over one practice to know he could deal with more offices.

Implementation: John started with the Management and Efficiency Program to implement that much needed control right away. Within six months, he had doubled his number of patients and treatments, more than earning back his investment in his training. John did go on to open another practice, and then utilized more training at Survival Strategies, Inc. so he could open six more practices in Pennsylvania. John found that the Hubbard® Management Technology he learned enabled him to duplicate his original office’s success in six more locations.


  • He was finally able to take those vacations and help raise four children.
  • By getting his practices well organized and training his staff, he also felt freed up enough to take on instruction duties in the PT programs at Arcadia University and DeSales University.
  • As he became more able to turn responsibilities over to responsible staff, he stepped into the role of coaching for children’s sports teams and providing a home for foster children.