Survival Strategies Case Study: Paul Silovsky, PT
Rebound Physical Therapy
Topeka, Kansas

Challenges: Rebound Physical Therapy was operating in one small facility with Paul and one additional PT. After three years in practice, the practice was dependent on one doctor for 80% of their referrals.

Implementation: With a thirst for growth, Paul availed himself of one training and consulting service after another. He started with the Consistent Referrals Program and Public Relations and Marketing Program to improve the practice’s relationship with referral sources and the public. He then improved internal operations with the Management and Efficiency Program and Hiring and Retention Program. The Financial Control Program and the Effective Reimbursement Program improved the financial viability of both the practice and Paul’s family. Finally, the Power of Choice Program was the step that enabled Paul to step back from day-to-day operations, handing that responsibility to his well-trained managers.


  • The practice now has two locations, with the main location being 18,000 square feet and having facilities for aquatic therapy, speed training, and other niche programs.
  • They now see about 1,500 PT visits a week.
  • Paul was freed up to chair the Kansas APTA Legislative Committee, volunteer, coach, spend time with his family, and pursue personal improvement.