Survival Strategies Case Study: Dr. Lisa Nelson, Audiologist
Hearing Professionals
Laurel, Maryland

Challenges: Lisa began her training with Survival Strategies, Inc. before she opened her first location. After years of building practices for other people, she wanted to learn how to build her own successful practice.

Implementation: Lisa began with the Consistent Referrals Program to establish her patient base and relationships with her community health providers. From that simple start, her practice took off and didn’t let up for the next six years. By that time, she was offering care in four locations. She went on to develop the executive skills she realized she was missing. The Management and Efficiency Program helped her refine and stabilize her operations. She also learned to hire the right people that would support her vision.


  • The practice ultimately expanded to three full-time offices and two satellite offices.
  • Lisa’s new executive skills enabled her to continue expansion without undue stress.
  • At the same time, Lisa was able to take the time to establish her own family, raising three children while managing multiple offices. She learned that it is possible to have it all when you know how.