When Craig Ferreira and his business partner, the late Harvey Schmiedeke, founded Survival Strategies in 1989, Craig had already been consulting businesses around the world for nearly 20 years. As a result of his extensive management training in a proven administrative system, he found he was able to use this system to quickly raise key performance indicators in one business after another, no matter what industry they were in.

As Craig shifted his focus from business to healthcare with the founding of Survival Strategies, he discovered that healthcare practitioners of all types generally had excellent clinical skills but did not know how to be the CEOs of their practices. That’s when inspiration struck! Based on his management training and experience, Craig developed SSI’s unique programs to train Private Practice Owners on how to prosper, grow their practices and reach a much greater number of patients.

Craig and Survival Strategies have been honored with awards and recognitions from:

  • Professional Consultants Association
  • Physical Therapy Alliance for Quality
  • Advanced News Magazine’s Support of Excellence in Private Practice
  • Board of Education for the Glendale U.S.D.

In addition to being a management guru, Craig is also a heck of a song writer and guitar player who has performed for hundreds of thousands of people around the world.