Survival Strategies Case Study: Christina Panetta, PT
Panetta Physical Therapy
Long Island, New York

Challenges: At first, Christine was operating out of a health club with just a few staff. After ten years in operation, the practice was only up to 150 visits a week. They relied on one doctor for 70% of their referrals and only had four other sources of referrals.

Implementation: Working her way through training focused on developing referral sources, marketing, reimbursements, and financial control, Christine and her team were able to create massive growth. They expanded their referral sources from five to 250 per year. Christine then completed the training and implementation for the Power of Choice Program to enable her practice to continue to expand without her constant attention.


  • From their health club beginnings, Panetta Physical Therapy now offers patients a 30,000 square foot athletic club for their patients that includes facilities for physical and massage therapy as well as niche services for golf and skiing.
  • Additional services bring in patients interested in weight loss, nutrition, improved strength, health, endurance, wellness, and sports training.
  • Therapists see 800 visits per week at three Long Island locations.
  • By training key staff to be competent managers, Christine was able to take time off to get involved in community betterment programs as well as develop nutrition and wellness programs for her practice and mentor other PTs.