Survival Strategies Case Study: Mariann Moran, OTR, CHT
Accelerated Hand Therapy and Rehabilitation, Inc.
Madison, New Jersey

Challenges: With six offices and no objective tools to enable her to monitor the success of her offices, Mariann was stressed. She didn’t know how well her offices were running unless she went to each office and observed operations with her own eyes. With her offices stretched out over five counties, that meant a lot of time on the road.

Implementation: Her first need was for better organization and management skills so she started with the Management and Efficiency Program. She learned to be a competent executive and her staff responded by giving her more support and productivity. With that improvement, she realized that practice expansion could happen without increasing her stress so she next completed the Public Relations and Marketing Program and took operations to a whole new level. Further training assisted Mariann in reaching her goals to improve her profession.


  • Mariann was able to provide hand therapy services to more individuals through her six offices, ending up with 14 highly qualified Certified Hand Therapists plus their support staff.
  • Her well-established practice and well-trained staff enabled her to take a larger role in education and advocacy.
  • She took on the responsibility of adjunct professor at Kean University in Toms River and published her research to expand knowledge about hand therapy.
  • She was also able to act as an advocate for her profession on the state licensure committee and on advisory councils for several insurance companies, as well as holding leadership positions with NJOTA and AOTA.