Is your practice a roller-coaster ride of peaks and valleys? Or is everything rolling along and you want to accelerate growth but aren’t sure how to proceed?

Whether you’re struggling with stunted growth and flat-lined revenues or simply want to rocket your clinic to new heights, the Survival Strategies Practice Analysis will get your practice going in the right direction.

This is an in-depth, interactive analysis using time-tested administrative tools to give you a new, comprehensive view of your practice. The analysis is tailored specifically to your practice and your goals. It takes into account location, staffing, competition, new patients, referral sources, practice strengths and weaknesses and even those factors you can’t see.

Working with our business analyst over several weeks, this is an eye-opening analysis where you’ll find out what is really happening within your clinic and what steps to take to achieve your practice goals.


By formulating sound company policy and ensuring all staff are familiar with it, a tight, effective team comes into being. In addition, streamlining the organizational structure of your clinic eliminates confusion, smooths workflow and increases overall practice performance. The simplicity of this program enables all staff to reach new levels of productivity and efficiency.

TRAINING & CONSULTING: Five days of one-on-one training, followed by up to twelve months of weekly consultant calls.

RESULT: The practice owner understands how to create and execute plans that forward important objectives and manage staff for increased productivity. Clients can expect a full return on investment with diligent implementation of this program.


We’ve developed a proprietary system for achieving consistent referrals without feeling like a salesperson: it’s called the Consistent Referrals Program. This program teaches you how to comfortably cultivate lasting referral relationships that generate plenty of new patients. That way, there’s a steady source of referrals long into the future. Every aspect of our proprietary system is included, along with the skills needed to implement them.

TRAINING & CONSULTING: Four days of one-on-one training, followed by up to eight months of weekly consultant calls.

RESULT: Program is complete when the client has demonstrated the ability to generate and maintain referral relationships and has achieved a full return on their investment.


Relieve cash-flow problems by learning how to collect money faster and more effectively. If your clinic doesn’t have billing in-house, you’ll learn how to bring it in-house and gain control over your money. During this program, you’ll also learn how to negotiate with insurance companies.

This training and subsequent implementation puts an end to delays in payment.

TRAINING & CONSULTING: Three days of one-on-one training, followed by up to five months of weekly consultant calls.

RESULT: Client knows how to control income sources including full collection of both cash and insurance payments, and has received a complete return on their investment.


Control of finances is the key to prosperity and growth. This program teaches how to control and balance expenditures on marketing, clinical services and basic expenses while accumulating reserves. When you’ve finished this training, you’ll know how to align your budget and expenditures to your goals and where each of your staff stand in terms of contributing to your viability.

TRAINING & CONSULTING: Three days on one-on-one training, followed by up to six months of weekly consultant calls.

RESULT: Client has the demonstrated ability to correctly manage expenses, finances and budgeting.


Retaining the best staff, being able to find the right new staff—these are essential skills for organizational stability and expansion. This program puts you and HR staff in control of attracting, interviewing and choosing high-quality personnel and retaining them.

TRAINING & CONSULTING: Four days of one-on-one training, followed by up to eight months of weekly consultant calls.

RESULT: Client has implemented an effective hiring process that brings in quality staff; valuable staff are both trained and retained. Staff can be readily added when needed.


This program teaches how to increase direct access referrals as well as establishing stable physician referral channels. Both channels being wide open and under your control is a key element in ensuring the success and future of the practice. All aspects of effective public relations, branding and marketing are covered.

TRAINING & CONSULTING: Four days of group training with up to eight months of weekly consultant calls.

RESULT: Client can effectively execute public relations and marketing actions with an increase in new patients and full return on investment.


This program enables you to step back from daily operations and manage the practice from the board of directors’ level while avoiding income drops. The Power of Choice Program is your next step after completing all prior training programs, fully establishing proper organizational form, implementing control of finances and placing well-trained staff into key positions. The goal is to provide you with full power of choice over your time and activities, while your staff run the practice successfully and efficiently.

SPECIAL FEATURE: This program includes the establishment of an in-house training academy, where staff are trained on hiring, financial control, delivery, planning and much more.

PREREQUISITES: Consistent Referrals Program, Effective Reimbursement Program, Management and Efficiency Program, Hiring and Retention Program, Financial Control Program, Public Relations and Marketing Program.

TRAINING & CONSULTING: Program requires two to four years of training and follow-up consultations that are customized to the practice and the owner’s specific goals.

RESULT: A successful and well-run clinic that’s competently managed and expanded by the staff, freeing up the owner’s time to step back from daily operations while maintaining a healthy income.


New practice owner? This program gives you the skills to develop long-term, professional relationships with referral sources while avoiding the pitfall of feeling like a salesperson. All the skills and procedures needed for a complete referral control system are taught. You also learn vital marketing techniques to tailor the practice and referral techniques to your practice location.

TRAINING & CONSULTING: Four days of one-on-one training with up to eight months of weekly consultant calls.

RESULT: Practice owner possesses the ability to generate stable referral relationships and has achieved a complete return on investment.


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