How was Survival Strategies started?

In the 1970s, Craig Ferreira was trained on the fundamental principles of establishing, managing and expanding groups and organizations. He put this management system to use as business troubleshooter and consultant for an array of companies around the world. In the 1980s, he began consulting healthcare practitioners and observed they routinely had excellent professional skills but lacked training in management or in building relationships with referral sources. In 1985, Craig and his late business partner, Harvey Schmiedeke, formed Survival Strategies to meet this need for expert management skills within the healthcare arena.


In the last two decades, we have worked with practitioners of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, sports therapy, ENT specialists, audiology, certified hand therapy, podiatrists and chiropractors.

Because the management system we use has resulted in significant business growth for thousands of companies, we designed our consulting, training and coaching programs to achieve the same result for our clients. We train our clients in a specific aspect of this technology and then consult and coach them through its implementation. When done right, the results are increased revenues, new patients and a return on investment of the program cost. 

One of our core competencies is the ability to train our clients in the skills they need to create honest, effective business relationships that result in referrals. These skills are based on our own training in and use of a time-tested system of building relationships. We promise, you will never feel like a salesperson when cultivating referrals. See what SSI clients have to say.

We work with practices or businesses of any size. The client only needs to be motivated and interested in achieving their goals and willing to be helped. While one-on-one consulting is not inexpensive, like Private Practice Owners, money is not our driving force. We’ll work with you to make it affordable and doable for any size practice.

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