What Are the Best Doctor Patient Referral Programs?

Having worked with thousands of private practices throughout the U.S. and Canada, I know that most would like to increase their new patients and the ways to do this come in various “programs.” There is the old sales-gimmick type where you’d go out and “buy” the referral source relationship with lunches, etc. That is really bad positioning. Another is sending out patient testimonials which is a good thing to do, but sometimes way over-done. In this electronic age there are also Internet Referral Marketing programs. Then there’s the “send out my Marketing Director” (like a drug rep) to establish some relationships. You can find almost anything out there promoted as a ways and means of garnering new patients.

You, of course have to find one that suits your own practice’s needs. I am a bit “old fashioned” in this area as these other approaches may get you an “acute” inflow of new patients but to build a long-term broad referral base is one done through relationship development directly with the referral sources. This is done initially by the owner and eventually given to one of their staff. Relegating such a valuable source of business to “paper marketing” or “drug rep” approaches??? Well, you get the idea… Doing this professionally (being trained on all the ins and outs and special techniques), has produced large expanding referral bases for the long-term for the owners/ practitioners we have worked with over the years.

If you do not have the required training in this area, please know it is available. Most practitioners are incredible at their profession, but weak in this as well as other areas on the business side of their practice. The only thing missing is this lack of specialized training! They get great results in patient care because they are trained! Building relationships is askill and an art, and a must know for the long-lasting and continuous expansion of a practice!