Valerie Watase, PT Owner of Lafayette Physical Therapy Lafayette, CA

Valerie’s Mission Statement: To provide the highest quality Physical Therapy and Wellness services to the community. To restore, enhance, and preserve the quality of life for each individual who seeks care with our company.

Valerie’s Background with Survival Strategies, Inc.: Valerie started back in 2007 with the Full Practice Analysis which takes about a month to complete and looks into every “nook and cranny” of the practice to discover its unique problems and potentials. Following that she signed up for and completed the Referral Increase Program. She has since signed up for the following Survival Strategies’ Programs:

  • Private Practice Management
  • Acceleration & Stabilization
  • Try PT FIRST™ Campaign
  • Effective Reimbursement
  • Financial Planning for Profits
  • Hiring & Retention
  • Public Relations & Marketing

Here is what she had to say about the Financial Planning for Profits Program:
“I really appreciate what we have learned through the Financial Planning Program. I find it so much less stressful knowing that there is much more control over our money in the business. Prior to taking this program, I cannot ever remember a time that I did not have to worry about where we were financially at any given time. This program has really helped us to get organized financially in the business, and be able to manage our expenses in a more predictable way. John (SSI consultant) was very helpful in our training and with our phone conferences with him. I must say that Jill (daughter and the CEO of her practice) did handle most of this program with her hard work and preparation. I am most appreciative of this great team.”