Tracking Production & Meeting Company Targeted Goals

Most businesses track the production of some employees as in sales or income. Some simply generate a sales report at the week’s end and appoint a “Salesperson of the Month.”

Sales are somewhat easy to track, but how about your administrative staff?  Can you accurately measure and track the productivity of these staff?  Should you?  Do you track the individual practitioner’s?  These all play a very important role in achieving your overall production / expansion targets and goals.

Let’s take this apart and take a deeper look… Every position in a company surely has something they themselves produce contributing to the final attainment of the business’ final product/ goal.  An owner or manager would need to correctly pinpoint and name that overall company final product and then track backwards to find what each practitioner or administrative staff specifically contributes toward it.

Let’s suppose your company’s final product is “Improving the quality of life for our patients”.   You would then ask “what does the receptionist (or another position title) specifically accomplish or produce from their individual sphere of work toward attaining that?  How do they contribute to it?  Each and every position completes something toward that and you must name it exactly and then track it week to week, month to month.

Look at these examples:

Front Desk: Sets appointments, does follow-ups, confirms, handles cancellations and no-shows.  They contribute by getting appointments set, and getting the clients to arrive and receive their services.  So one would track their “Appts. Set”, “Arrivals”, “Cancellations” and “No-Shows”.

Therapists: They deliver treatments to your clients to lessen pain, handle injuries, and improve function with a treatment plan towards a higher quality of life.   Track # patients fully completing their treatment program and doing well.

Quality Control: Overseeing the service quality of the clinic – this might be divided into 2 categories; External and Internal.  Internally one would track the # of staff handled on bettered delivery quality.  External might be # of upset client’s handled and routed back to services.

You can and should monitor the production of each position of your clinic, whether sales, product delivery, or administrative.  WHY?

You need to see and know where your overall business production breaks down or slows as lessened production in one or more areas usually results in lessened income and no expansion.

If you notice the # of New Patients going down you would want to look into the personal production levels of the Front Desk. But LOOK, don’t accept verbal reports or reasons.  Look at real facts as in statistical graphs – there’s no lying or measure for error when using hard facts as statistical graphs plotting one’s actual production.

You could then ask for additional and specific information as: Have they allowed cancellations and no-shows to slip away? Do they perform enough follow-up and treatment reminders to get the clients in the door?

If you don’t have factual methods to track individual production you’ll forever be guessing at “whys”.

When you’re consistently missing targeted levels of production and desired profits, where do you look?  Who do you look at?  With accurate statistical measurements for each you can better predict, track and project the pathway to your goals and attain them.

We’ve just added a very exciting new software item to our program lineup!  Its primary function?  Individual and overall productivity tracking for a business or clinic.

Its user-friendly and easy Excel format allows an owner or manger to start tracking the production immediately.   It also locates lost income!  Find those holes in production!  Track who’s at their peak production and who’s lagging; who or what person is holding down or limiting your expansion or not “pulling their load” towards the business’ goals?

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We’re off and running with this one!

Craig Ferreira, CEO                                                                                                                              Survival Strategies, Inc