Time Management – How to Find the Time

I was speaking to someone today who was telling me that he needed to find time to do something he had wanted to do for a “long time.” He went on to say that if he was rich, then he would “have the time.”

This is funny when you really think about it! How do you find time; do you buy it? Inherit it? Is it somewhere where no one can find it?

Here is the deal: You do not “find time,” you make time. You cause time, period.

All those I have met that are successful, never state they are searching for time; they make the time.

How? You just put it in your schedule and do it! It is really that simple. There is plenty of time, if YOU make it.

Spending any time on something, even if only 15 minutes, starts it.

So the new motto is: You do not find time, you create it!

Craig Ferreira