Therapy Private Practice Consultants

Having consulted hundreds of companies and individuals, many of which were practicing physical therapy, I have run across some work done by different consulting companies, “the competitors” you might say. There are several right approaches from these; many brilliant applications of management principles that, a lot of times, I even think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” The funny part of it is, if I can have that thought, I have a good part of the battle won!

That being said, I would like to boil it down to some important criteria to decide which company or program to go with, when you have been approached by one or more of them:

1) Is the offered program suitable to my circumstance right now? In other words, will this open the door to improve or fix what I am trying to fix?

2) Is it doable with the resources I have right now and will they cooperate with those resources?

While the two criteria are not always in place perfectly (if they were, you may not need the consulting company!), can they be approximated without enormous effort?

I hope the above helps in your hunt for the right consultant. Of course, you can always save the trouble and call someone like us, who will guide you through using the above criteria as an early service in the relationship with the client!