The Business Side of Private Practice

Valerie Watase, PT & Practice Owner

Valerie is a long-term and highly valued client of Survival Strategies. One of the first programs she embarked upon was the Referral Increase Program. This program establishes the confidence and skill needed to develop long-term, professional relationships with referral sources of all types, thus creating a broad, stable referral base. It is a full, implementable system from referral to intake, scheduling control, quality assurance, discharge, internal referrals and other management strategies and referral tools.

TRAINING & CONSULTING: This program is delivered in four days on a One-on-one training basis with follow-up of four months of weekly calls with your consultant.

FINAL PRODUCT: A Client with a demonstrated ability to form and improve referral relationships, and who has gotten a full return on his/her investment by fully implementing this program.