The Best Physician Referral Program

Clients often ask, “What makes our Referral Increase Program the best referral program?”

While it is difficult to be objective about the subject, as I often see clients have more gain than even I expected, I will attempt to summarize the answer to that and why.

There are referral programs that concentrate on increasing the pieces they mail to their physician database many times over. While this can get you increased referrals, it is not a one-time fix and there is such thing as saturation.

How do you then achieve sustained increase on referrals? The answer to this is in developing a relationship with the physician, because in order for them to make a decision, they need to know about you. If the only thing they know about you is that you send them mail, how can they be expected to suddenly decide that you are the right person to service the needs of their patients?

One could argue that personal letters and phone calls can replace meeting in person for the purpose of developing a relationship. I have not seen that happen often, but it is, rather, the exception to the rule.

So, what is the best physician referral program? One that gives you fundamental principles, a path of proven successful actions, drills you on these and gets your nose to the grindstone on developing referral relationships with the physicians in your area. I know that is not the most popular in an e-society, but it is the one that works the best.