“I have to say that the Effective Reimbursement Program has been a roaring success. The changes that have occurred in my office since we started are quite amazing.

Before we started, we had a fairly sizable debt, we were having difficulty making ends meet and we were seeing no end to that situation. My finance staff were asking me to buy expensive computer systems. I was also getting requests for new personnel. Of course, our caseload really couldn’t justify an increase in the finance staff; in fact, the patient visits had increased but the finance department wasn’t keeping up. I was frustrated and not sure what to do.

Well, it turned out that the system was quite a change from what we were doing and it took quite a bit of effort to change our system. Then, a shift in attitude started to take place and people began to realize how easy and powerful the system actually was. It made life easier, to the point that I am no longer getting requests for a new computer system or new personnel. In fact, we started to notice that we were overstaffed in the finance department and had to reorganize tasks and schedules.

The finance area finally feels calm and under control. I really can’t believe it, as this is the first time it has felt this way. Our collections are in better shape and we are getting that debt handled. After 4 months, our debt is already cut in half and we have already paid off the additional loan needed to finance this training program. Quite amazing!

Survival Strategies’ Effective Reimbursement Program is very simple but very effective and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the health care field.”