“I have been working with Survival Strategies, Inc. for the past three years. My practice has grown through the managed care era from 150-200 visits per month to over 700 per month. I have also opened up three satellite offices and am working on the fourth.

The Referral Program I completed is great! I have grown from 5-10 referral sources to over 100! To accommodate this, I have expanded my employee base from myself and a few staff to a staff of 15 productive, viable employees.

My training in Physical Therapy provided me with the tools to be an excellent clinician. However, I had no training in Marketing or Management. It is difficult to have a successful practice without business knowledge.

Before being trained by my consultants in basic communication skills and strategies, I felt nervous and embarrassed in referral interactions with physicians, managed care organizations, etc. I totally lacked confidence in these areas. Now, I approach doctors and other referral sources with total confidence and am able to develop relationships.

I have learned to manage by objective means, using weekly and monthly statistics to pinpoint any problem. This has enabled me to predict and handle inefficiencies before they develop into major situations.

I often have therapists call me as a reference for Survival Strategies. The question asked most frequently, and the major concern of those who call is in regard to the dollar investment. With certainty I can say that if I had not worked with them I would not be in practice today. Many practitioners in my community are amazed that in this era of managed care I have been able to thrive and actually expand my practice. My major success is my use of the techniques and systems I have learned which are now part of my knowledge in operating a business.

All this, I’m sure, sounds very optimistic and “too good to be true.” It took great dedication and hard work on both Survival Strategies’ and my part. If you would like to become more successful, I’m sure they would be glad to have another team player.”