Patrick E. Green

“I have been in private practice since 1996. I have been working with Survival Strategies, Inc since 2003 and I have completed all of their major programs from the referral program, the management program, etc. My practice has grown from a small practice in 1400 square feet with only one therapist, a PTA and my wife at the front desk. Today our practice located in the premier medical suites in our area, we have 6000 square feet of space and we employ over 20 staff members, including 4 PT’s and 3 OT’s.

As a practice grows the areas that are not organized or well controlled become more obvious, in our case getting control of our finances. The pressure to meet payroll and cover your overhead grows as your practice grows. This program allows for me to plan for my finances and to set aside monies needed to cover my monthly expenses and any unexpected expenditures and to set aside monies needed to grow and expand the practice. This program gives me more peace of mind, I am able to relax and know that my expenses are going to be covered. I am excited about putting money aside for my reserve account and I believe it is an essential step in making my practice more viable and successful into the future.

I believe that my trainer has an excellent understanding of the materials that will bring my finances under control and help my practice expand into the future.”