“If someone would have told me I could regularly increase my referral base by 13% in just four months by implementing their program, I would have laughed in their face. I have been in this business over 15 years and by financial measures, our rehab clinic was already successful.

But how could I pass on the guaranteed return on investment offered by Survival Strategies?! They guaranteed I’d get a return on my investment in their program, by increasing my referrals and new patients.

Well, I didn’t increase my referrals by 13% – instead they increased by 17%! And instead of taking four months, which I would have thought impossible, it took only three months!

Sure, there was a lot of hard work involved in obtaining this growth, but with Survival Strategies’ “game plan”, you are working efficiently and effectively. It’s a proven program that has worked for hundreds of PTs all over the country.

The Survival Strategies program contained tools that are easy to use and extremely effective in increasing patient referrals. I would not consider myself an expert yet in applying these methods, but I am definitely learning. But my success so far shows that you don’t need to be an expert for this program to start working. You just have to commit to it, follow the plan and get ready to treat more patients!”