Julie Byrt

“Where to start?!! The implementation of the Management Program in my clinic has overall saved all of us a TON of time, helped to increase individual productivity, and also the ability to truly create and achieve our goals as a group.

Of course the most important thing and fun activity to do was to actually put my vision and mission into reality with writing the Administrative Scale. The one pervasive complaint of all staff members that showed up in my survey of each of them was that they did not know my vision and goals and wanted to. They did not know because I did not clearly know yet! Thank you to my SSI Trainer for spending the hours that it took to create my vision and purpose clearly!

The technology of writing programs and then [writing] plans off each program was truly an enormous breakthrough for me. I have always had good ideas and had no idea why they did not make it into reality when they were so good?! This tool is amazing at helping to get every idea into action right away, or when the time is right.

The communication system has helped to make 100% of orders and requests heard and answered in a timely manner. All of my orders in the past were verbal. It’s a wonder anything got done! The communication system allows employees to have an organized list of things to do so they can be successful instead of having to keep a task on a sticky or in their head and then beat themselves up later for forgetting to do it and me having to remember to check up on them to see if it was done.

Each employee know exactly what is expected of them and has it has empowered them to be their best. Having each employee know their responsibility to the clinic’s daily and weekly actions and able to see in their statistics how they are doing in regards to creating their products has given everyone power in their position. It has taken things off my plate and made everyone feel they are a very valuable part of the team. It has made “management” so much easier because employees regulate themselves and the need for getting on team members to do better is rarely necessary anymore.

I have to thank my Consultant for her patience and steadfast skill at helping me to implement this. I could not have and would not have gotten it all in place without her weekly support meetings and helping me to take the next step.

Thank you Survival Strategies and for delivering all this technology to my clinic and so many others. You are responsible for helping me feel like my dreams can come true, that my employees are able to see their higher purpose in their daily activities, and that we as a group really can create anything.

Bigger than that, you are helping our field of PT become stronger and helping more individuals be empowered to take care of their bodies with exercise and knowledge and less use of medications.”