“This program has many facets and can produce powerful results in all areas of Human Resources, Hiring and Recruitment.

We went for a year and a half without being able to finding a PT. Then we signed up for the program and hired two PTs prior to even arriving for our training (thanks to our consultant’s help before the program).

I learned a system to keep in place for our interviewing and hiring that has made sure that we do not just settle for someone that seemed to interview “pretty well”. We no longer have to be desperate for that PT license. We now make sure to only hire those that “pass” our system and do not settle, even if it is a PT.

We strive to have a great team. The process we learned in the program helped us “weed” out staff that was not producing and was backstabbing management. This has led to an improvement in morale for all.

We now continually recruit because of what we learned on the HR program Because of that, we have PTs and admin interviewees that have been hired even when we did not “need” them. In that past, we would never have hired without having a position open. Now I know that if the person is the right fit, the position can be created. I have never regretted hiring the right person even when we wondered about how the paycheck was to be covered. It has always worked out. Having great team members, all with a common purpose, make it work out.”