“The best way to illustrate the success I have achieved with the Power of Choice Program is to paint a picture of life before Survival Strategies and this program and after.

Life before the program:
I worked seven days a week, sometimes 18 hour days, often times I awoke and had no idea what day, month or even year it was. I had almost no time to date, lived on Snapple iced teas to keep going, and had very little to no social life. I was treating patients full-time, and was wearing the hat of office manager, billing/collection manager, marketing manager, advertising manager, clinic manager, treasurer, executive director and owner. I was so overwhelmed, exhausted and at the end of my rope and ready to sell it all. Then, Survival Strategies called me about doing a free practice analysis THAT DAY. So, I decided to hold off on selling, and give Survival an opportunity to see if they could possibly help me get some semblance of life back without losing everything I had worked so hard for.

Life after completing the program:
I am very happily married with two children (and a third due any day now). I have two large practices, one is 11,000 sq. ft and the other is 8,000 sq. ft and about 35 employees combined. I take 3 week vacations at a time. I have been able to treat patients as much or as little as I like. I now have a charity foundation that I started, and am able to devote time to my family, my children, and charity work, as well as my practices. My practice is much more stable than it has ever been, and has even been able to survive, and thrive, while I took 9 months off on two separate occasions to get through very difficult pregnancies. I am also working on my doctorate in Physical Therapy, and should be finished within the next 9-12 months. We have been able to expand the services provided at each office, and significantly improve employee training and continuing education, utilizing Survival Strategies’ courses and trainers. I absolutely love what I do, am excited about providing exceptional care to each and every patient who enters our office, and love all my staff members. Survival Strategies has enabled me to have balance in my life, and do the things that I love the most.

I do know that without Survival Strategies, I would still be living a life built on fixed ideas, thinking small, being ignorant about good solid business practices, and overwhelmed by the small stuff, instead of excited and energized by the big stuff! I have learned, to quote Paul Silovsky, PT, a client of Survival Strategies, to ‘Think BIG or GO HOME!!’”