“I did the Effective Reimbursement Method because I knew I was getting far less in collections than we were posting each week in charges, and I wanted to get more cash in the door. Despite my efforts to get the collections up, they were just staying the same. Sound familiar?

Last fall we were consistently doing 180-190 visits per week, and collecting about $12,000 per week. Then in November I bought an additional clinic and incorporated it into mine. This brought our visits up to about 300 per week. So, our charges went up to $42,000 per week, but as of January, we were still collecting only about $18,000 a week. That’s what prompted me to do the Effective Reimbursement Program.

I started the first training session on this program in the first week of February. Then, in March, we collected $20,000 more for the month than we did in February! In April, we collected $28,000 more than we did in February! So, I’ve gotten well above my return on investment on this program already and I still have the second training session which I’m starting this week. I’ll follow that up with a 3-month internship!

So, I’m looking forward to getting many more benefits from the program before I’m finished.”