“As an owner of a physical therapy practice in a small town, I have experienced difficulty hiring adequate staff to cover our workload in the last few years. This adversely affected our productivity and profitability.

Since beginning the Hiring and Retention Program offered by the wonderful people at Survival Strategies, we have experienced many successes.

We now have in place a complete hiring and retention program including correct personnel policies, an objective method of testing prospective employees, an ongoing, effective method of recruiting, and an updated employee handbook.

And, best of all, we have hired two physical therapists!

I was surprised and extremely pleased at the number of contacts we elicited. In the last four months, we had more interest from physical therapists than we had in the previous five years of recruiting. And once we got them in the door, we knew what to do to keep them interested.

I am extremely grateful to our onsite trainer and consultant who spent many patient hours with me. I believe I have made two good friends on whom I can rely in the future. I really enjoy being with both of them.

As always, we got more than we expected from Survival Strategies. They truly are the experts in helping physical therapists in private practice.”