All of us have had, to certain degrees of magnitude, levels of success in our activities. We also have had our failures. I want to point out some of the basics in the area of success itself.

The first thing that needs to be fully clarified is where are you going? What are the goals? After that would be establishing what steps are required to get these achieved and then doggedly get them done.

Realizing that goals have steps to them, it is the accomplishment of those steps that get you closer to achieving the goal; and the acknowledging of these smaller accomplishments while keeping in mind the big picture.

You will also need to know what obstacles lie in the way of obtaining your goals and behind all that you had better have an extremely strong purpose to accomplish these goals and NEVER allow anyone to deter you from them.

Here’s what never works: Blame!

I.e. let’s take someone who owns a healthcare practice; They have their reimbursements being cut down as time goes by making it harder and harder to do business. Now the worst thing to do in your “reasoning process” is to blame the environment – in this case the insurance companies. That will accomplish nothing and is the lazy way out. If you cannot reason out what to do about this, then the problem is you, not those companies. That is the only view or attitude you can take for success. It is only you that can reason out how to win. Yes, you need help, who does not, but it begins with you, period. The moment you blame the environment or someone else the game is over as that someone else is now “in charge”; you are not, which leads to failure.

If you do not know what to do, but have the intention and will to reason your way out and win, it simply means you need more knowledge; you’ll need to find out more about it. Now, how do you acquire the correct knowledge? This takes valid research and homework. Please note that it is far worse to get incorrect knowledge as that inevitably leads to failure too. So, you have got to find out what others are doing, or have done, from those who have confronted a similar problem and exactly how it was ethically resolved.

If you cannot find it, it may be that you have not looked long or far enough; Or maybe the knowledge does in fact exist but you have simply bought into someone’s bias, rumor, or fixed ideas surrounding that knowledge, (Again, buying that stuff means it is your reasoning powers that are at fault); Or lastly, you may need to create the knowledge yourself to handle the problem if you cannot find another valid solution to it!

In summary: Success entails knowing your goals and taking each step by step. Know your obstacles too, and don’t allow another to deter you. Never blame or make another responsible for a problem and be humble enough to know there’s something YOU may not know; then work hard to find the correct knowledge for real solutions.