Setting & Achieving Goals

It’s a New Year! It’s been almost a month since the Times Square ball dropped and most have named their New Year’s resolutions.

I’m not sure about you specifically, but it’s quite common for most busy Executives to find themselves running behind on such things.  With that in mind I thought this a good time to write a bit on the subject of goal attainment.

GOAL: – noun– “the result or achievement toward which effort is directed.”

ATTAINMENT: – noun- “something attained; achievement.”

From this one could conclude this is simple…deciding what you want to do and then do it. Now…that sounds easy, so why does it end up getting so darn complicated?

One complication could be that of TIME.  If I set a goal to become a doctor in 9 months, is that real?  Definitely not as it generally takes 4+ years of medical school, residency, etc.  The goal to become a doctor is not unreal, but my decision to do so with the above time factor is.  TIME is an important item to consider; one must allow an appropriate amount to be successful in the achievement of named goals.  Before accepting a loss on such, look back to ensure you’ve allowed ample time.

DECISION & FOLLOW-THROUGH. Deciding to become a Graphic Designer yet enrolling yourself in Ceramics class, Cooking class, Woodworking class, along side a Graphic Design class, and taking multiple vacations won’t help you too much in becoming a Graphic Designer!  One should make sure the majority of their time, effort and energy is spent towards the important goal.

Whether it’s a personal or business goal, start by setting the annual goal first. Then work backwards from there to assess what prior targets are needed to achieve it. This should be used like a map, referring back to it as further direction is needed.  Review it at the start of each week to set yourself smaller daily targets and you’ll be well on your way!

If you find yourself lost or seeming to not be achieving much, you may need to back it up another step. You may need to figure out 1-3 steps you KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT you can achieve daily and write these down.


  • Figure out something you’d like to achieve by the end of February.
  • Write this down as the “GOAL” and decide to do it.
  • Work backwards writing out all steps needed to achieve that goal.
  • Now put TIME to these targets, laying out what day & time each could be done.
  • Pull out the calendar and list each on its day and in time order.
  • Every Sunday evening write yourself a new week’s plan and add it to the calendar.  Train yourself to refer to it often.
  • Work hard to complete these targets as these will accomplish the goal!
  • Now set a goal further in time, maybe for 6 months and repeat all steps…

It is my hope that you accomplish everything you wish for in the New Year!

Craig Ferreira, CEO
Survival Strategies