“In the last two months my practice has exploded! I have gone from four referral sources to twelve within weeks. My visits have more than doubled and I have just hired another PT.”

T.H., PT

“In the first six months, after I received training in your program, my referrals increased 27%. I am definitely more aware of the importance of my referral source and improving and maintaining communication with them. I am pleased to report that our patient load has increased 50% compared to the first two months of a year ago, thanks to your Consistent Referrals Program.”

M.R., PT/Business Owner

“In the past, before the Survival Strategies training, I wanted to help people, but I didn’t know how to communicate properly. I tried to be interesting, to razzle-dazzle doctors when I met with them to promote referrals. That just doesn’t work.

Also, I had put all my “referral eggs” basically in one basket. You need to have relationships with multiple doctors, and the SSI training showed me how to accomplish that.

It’s also amazing how quickly our business turned around. We realized full return on investment in the training in less than 90 days.

A lot of the success I’ve had I owe to Survival Strategies, learning how to work with people and how to develop strong relationships.”

B.W., CHT – Cumberland, MD, and Petersburg, WV

“I wanted to say how much Survival Strategies has helped my practice over the last six months. As a direct result of the Consistent Referrals Program, my clinic has doubled its growth. The Program gave me the tools to use to expand my practice to a level that I never dreamed was possible in my area.

The best and most exciting part of the Consistent Referrals Program is that I can continue to develop new and existing referral sources to improve our business. The potential increase in referrals is unlimited with the use of the techniques and strategies that are taught by the consultants and trainers with Survival Strategies. I have learned relationship development skills that were never taught in PT school. My comfort and confidence level in dealing with the physicians has increased tremendously. Getting past the front office is much easier now and I no longer feel like a salesman. I feel that I have some control over my business and its future.”

R.G., PT, Benton, AR

“As a young private practitioner in a competitive market, I was faced with a very slow growth. Survival Strategies taught me a system to develop a game plan to initiate or improve relationships with potential referring healthcare practitioners. Additionally, they also provided me with a system to generate more internal referrals. They provide you with the techniques to gain more control of your business.

Survival Strategies has given me the tools to allow me to improve my statistics such as new patients, patient visits, charges and collections by 60 to 80%.”

S.Y., BS, MPT – Summersville, WV

“I was ready to give up and I was tired of fighting to get through the day without a disaster. We decided to do the Survival Strategies Consistent Referrals Program, out of confusion and desperation, but now we are reaping the dividends!

Since the program, we have gone from 300 patient visits per week to 450! We learned communication skills as well as marketing techniques. We just landed 3 new industrial contracts that we never would have gotten if we had not been taught to negotiate! Now I feel I have control of my business and sometimes even myself (joke!!). We will always appreciate what Survival Strategies has done for our business both personally and professionally.”

M.J.S., PT/CHT – Davenport, IA

“I found my practice floundering. I made the decision to expand the practice. I made a decision to utilize a business consultant and started with Survival Strategies a little over a year ago. The results have been not only the salvaging of my company, but healthy growth.

My practice has grown from 70 visits per week to 200; from a staff of 3 to 11; from 1,000 square feet to two offices totaling 3,800 square feet, with both pediatric and adult services.

The Consistent Referrals Program has given me the tools and understanding to objectively quantify the business and where it is headed.”

C.S., PT – Corona, CA

“Survival Strategies not only helped me build successful referral source relationships, but they also helped guide me through some challenging business and personal decisions.

The folks at Survival Strategies are educators, counselors and consultants all wrapped into one. They work very hard to help keep you on track throughout the Consistent Referrals Program. I have thanked God many times for hooking me up with everyone at Survival Strategies.”

C.C., PT – Fairfax, VA

“If someone would have told me I could regularly increase my referral base by 13% in just four months by implementing their program, I would have laughed in their face. I have been in this business over 15 years and by financial measures, our rehab clinic was already successful.

But how could I pass on the guaranteed return on investment offered by Survival Strategies?! They guaranteed I’d get a return on my investment in their program, by increasing my referrals and new patients.

Well, I didn’t increase my referrals by 13% – instead they increased by 17%! And instead of taking four months, which I would have thought impossible, it took only three months!

Sure, there was a lot of hard work involved in obtaining this growth, but with Survival Strategies’ “game plan”, you are working efficiently and effectively. It’s a proven program that has worked for hundreds of PTs all over the country.

The Survival Strategies program contained tools that are easy to use and extremely effective in increasing patient referrals. I would not consider myself an expert yet in applying these methods, but I am definitely learning. But my success so far shows that you don’t need to be an expert for this program to start working. You just have to commit to it, follow the plan and get ready to treat more patients!”

M.T., PT