“We just completed another outstanding program through Survival Strategies. After several months of phone conversation with our consultant, implementing what he taught us, and purchasing some promotional materials, we are in our best place ever.

We have had a steady increase in referrals for the last six months, including record weeks. We are offering seminars to the public. We have received numerous positive comments in our first professionally designed newsletter. We have had professional graphic design people tell us that this is top quality stuff, second to none.

We are motivated to continue to succeed.

As always we got more than we expected from the wonderful people at Survival Strategies, a true exchange in abundance. I can recommend this program without reservation.”

C.C., PT – Urbana, OH

“I am so excited about this program. It makes PR so easy and obtainable for people who really don’t know where to start. It’s like PR for Dummies! Thank you, thank you, thank you.”


“I just want to say thank you to Survival Strategies. Our clinic has been mailing the newsletters from the PR and Marketing Program and has had great success. Our referrals increase each time we send out a new newsletter.

As the Marketing Director, I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have such a professional looking, high quality newsletter, going out consistently, with far less effort on my part, and for such a great price.

With the first newsletter we sent out we had an all time high of 71 referrals the same week the mailing was sent and 67 referrals the following week. When the net newsletter went out we had 70 referrals that week. Most recently, we sent 8,000 newsletters and had a new record high of 73 referrals. This week (2 weeks after our last mailing), we inserted 5,900 newsletters in the local newspaper and beat our record. We received 79 referrals. Keep the newsletters coming! Thanks!”

H.L., Marketing Director

“I’ve been trying to start a program just like this. It’s a unique selling point! Would make our clinic different than the others in the area. It’s everything I’ve been trying to do.”

P.F., PT

“A less expensive, more comprehensible way to get involed in our marketing. It will bring more attention and people to our clinic.”


“To help make good works well known sets us up as the pillar of the community and helps us to generate more referrals. We have a lot of difficulties competing with managed care PT. This will help us promote more to the public and the public will tell the MD where they want to go. It’s an awesome program.”

S.L., PT