“The Survival Strategies HR Program worked! We have good, qualified personnel working now; stabilizing the office and bringing stats up. Since our visit to SSI and the implementation of their HR Program, we’ve weeded out the unqualified staff and hired close to 15. The percent of Patient Arrivals has risen from 88% to stability at 92%, # of Cancellations has decreased from the 180’s to the 150’s and No-Shows from 60 up to almost half. We want to thank everyone at SSI.”

DM & KR, PT’s – New York

“As an owner of a physical therapy practice in a small town, I have experienced difficulty hiring adequate staff to cover our workload in the last few years. This adversely affected our productivity and profitability.

Since beginning the Hiring and Retention Program offered by the wonderful people at Survival Strategies, we have experienced many successes.

We now have in place a complete hiring and retention program including correct personnel policies, an objective method of testing prospective employees, an ongoing, effective method of recruiting, and an updated employee handbook.

And, best of all, we have hired two physical therapists!

I was surprised and extremely pleased at the number of contacts we elicited. In the last four months, we had more interest from physical therapists than we had in the previous five years of recruiting. And once we got them in the door, we knew what to do to keep them interested.

I am extremely grateful to our onsite trainer and consultant who spent many patient hours with me. I believe I have made two good friends on whom I can rely in the future. I really enjoy being with both of them.

As always, we got more than we expected from Survival Strategies. They truly are the experts in helping physical therapists in private practice.”

C.C., PT – Urbana, OH

“I chose to do a Custom Hiring Program because I have had been experiencing two major problems with hiring Physical Therapists for my practice. On the one hand, it has become a challenge to find candidates who are licensed Physical Therapists and to ensure that the candidates I select share my vision for how I want things done in my practice. With this custom hiring program I learned how to do both.

Before the program I could find between 1-4 candidates a year. I have changed search methods for finding eligible candidates and since the start of the program have found 6 candidates in the last 3 months! Also, I have many new ideas about how to attract even larger numbers of PTs. I have already put some into action but plan to implement other new ideas in the next few weeks.

Also, my consultant has been very helpful in explaining the details regarding implementation. Rarely have I done business with a company that strives to deliver more than I expect. I have benefited both on a personal level and a professional level from the collaborative modeling of the ideas taught by Survival Strategies to better deliver service in my own practice.”

E.C., PT

“I started off somewhat timid to the idea of hiring therapists that knew more about treating than I. The supportive folks at Survival Strategies really aimed my efforts into the right direction. Simple things like wording ads that look for the right candidate, where to look for the right candidate, spotting their emotional tone and asking questions to pull the candidate out when interviewing or just talking. This became useful when at one point. I had a landslide of hiring within a 2 week period. Talk about on the job practice! I was hiring an aide, a receptionist, and interviewing/pursuing a therapist in the same period of time.

What is most important is that I am excited, ready and willing to search for the right people and without hesitation.

As far as retention goes, we have initiated a bonus salary structure (just for therapists so far) that is exciting. I have put together an excel spreadsheet that calculates bonus based on production. I always want to pay therapists well and now I can to those deserving. At one point we had a therapist to whom we paid generously. He ended up not returning the favor. If we had paid him a base salary with bonus, I think he would have performed better. Our recently hired therapist is excited about the new salary structure.”


“This program has many facets and can produce powerful results in all areas of Human Resources, Hiring and Recruitment.

We went for a year and a half without being able to finding a PT. Then we signed up for the program and hired two PTs prior to even arriving for our training (thanks to our consultant’s help before the program).

I learned a system to keep in place for our interviewing and hiring that has made sure that we do not just settle for someone that seemed to interview “pretty well”. We no longer have to be desperate for that PT license. We now make sure to only hire those that “pass” our system and do not settle, even if it is a PT.

We strive to have a great team. The process we learned in the program helped us “weed” out staff that was not producing and was backstabbing management. This has led to an improvement in morale for all.

We now continually recruit because of what we learned on the HR program Because of that, we have PTs and admin interviewees that have been hired even when we did not “need” them. In that past, we would never have hired without having a position open. Now I know that if the person is the right fit, the position can be created. I have never regretted hiring the right person even when we wondered about how the paycheck was to be covered. It has always worked out. Having great team members, all with a common purpose, make it work out.”

J.W., PT – Illinois

“Before I began the HR program with Survival Strategies I felt like there wasn’t any way we could control getting therapists in to work for us, and not able to get enough therapists was the biggest limiter to our growth.

We now have an abundance of therapists – we actually have more than we need. I know that is going to be shocking to some people out there but it’s true.

With the skills I learned I am now able to better get in communication to find out what that person is really like. The testing system is also very useful to understand more of that person, and we liked the systems in general on the program.”

J.S., PT – Utah