“I have been in private practice since 1996. I have been working with Survival Strategies, Inc since 2003 and I have completed all of their major programs from the referral program, the management program, etc. My practice has grown from a small practice in 1400 square feet with only one therapist, a PTA and my wife at the front desk. Today our practice located in the premier medical suites in our area, we have 6000 square feet of space and we employ over 20 staff members, including 4 PT’s and 3 OT’s.

As a practice grows the areas that are not organized or well controlled become more obvious, in our case getting control of our finances. The pressure to meet payroll and cover your overhead grows as your practice grows. This program allows for me to plan for my finances and to set aside monies needed to cover my monthly expenses and any unexpected expenditures and to set aside monies needed to grow and expand the practice. This program gives me more peace of mind, I am able to relax and know that my expenses are going to be covered. I am excited about putting money aside for my reserve account and I believe it is an essential step in making my practice more viable and successful into the future.

I believe that my trainer has an excellent understanding of the materials that will bring my finances under control and help my practice expand into the future.”

Patrick E. Green, MS, PT, Cert. MDT

“Since doing the Financial Control Program we now have over $50,000 in reserves. No back bills, no overdue bills. There were times before when we’d come up short—not now. We always have money in the account.

This has put me in such a much more reliable situation; now we’re saving money, cutting costs, keeping close tabs on expenses. It’s a good program! It’s helped us refine and focus things!

You guys DELIVER. That’s what I tell people—you deliver. Personally, I need someone, especially at the beginning of a big change, to help me stay on the ball—that’s the way I am.

You’ve been INVALUABLE to my business.”

J.C., PT – Shafter, CA

“After working with you these past few months on the financial Control Program, I have to say that this has been a roaring success. The changes that have occurred in my office since we started are quite amazing.

Before we started, we had a fairly sizeable debt, difficulty making ends meet and seeing no end to that situation in the near future. I was frustrated and not sure what to do.

At the time of implementation it seemed the program created double work. Then, a shift in attitude started to take place and people began to realize how easy and powerful the system actually was. It made life easier.

The finance area finally feels calm and under control. I really can’t believe it as this is the first time it has felt that way. Our collections are in better shape and we are getting that debt handled. After 4 months, it is already cut in half. Quite amazing. I finally understand financial control and know now what I need to do in order to achieve that. It is really a great system to know and use. Your finance program is very simple but very effective and I would highly recommend it to anyone in the health care field. Thanks for all your help and support. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

S.Y., PT – Alhambra, CA

“The Financial Control Program by survival Strategies has given us new life in this era of managed care. We are now cash flow profitable (within 45 days of starting the program.) Survival Strategies is the best management consulting company that we have ever worked with. They gave us the tools, time and their talent to get us back on the right track. We have found that they are truly concerned about how our business functions and are there to help us whenever we need it.”

L.F., OTR/L, CHT – Ansonia, CT

“I really appreciate what we have learned through the Financial Planning Program. I find it so much less stressful knowing that there is much more control over our money in the business. Prior to taking this program, I cannot ever remember a time that I did not have to worry about where we were financially at any given time. This program has really helped us to get organized financially in the business, and be able to manage our expenses in a more predictable way. Our consultant was very helpful in our training and with our phone conferences with him. I must say that Jill did handle most of this program with her hard work and preparation. I am most appreciative of this great team.”

V.W., PT, – Lafayette, CA