Quality Control


When producing anything, (from artwork, to products or objects of any sort, or even with regard to services delivered), there is a production sequence through which all production flows.

Many times one omits one of the most vital steps of this flow: Quality Control.

First, one establishes the standard or level required for the product, service, etc.; What is the final result for what you intend to produce?  This MUST be fully defined to the point where there are NO possible exceptions or uncertain details defining that standard or level.

This is usually done by the creator of the product or service itself, or if not, he or she would require someone very familiar with the item, product, or service to fully establish the standard and ensure it qualifies as fully exchangeable and deliverable, AND to the level desired by the creator.

Examples of this have been witnessed in the American car industry in the past wherein this country’s auto industry was close to being wiped out by another country’s auto manufacturing company adamant on devoting itself to a higher quality and doing a much better job of quality control.

Here’s a workable sequence to follow:

1)   Know the standard.  If it’s not there or clear, make it so – get it fully defined and written.

2)   Produce the final product; then check it against the written standard and either validate it as met or correct it; You could also have a Quality Control Director who is well versed and studied on the standard verify  it as having met the required standard.  If it doesn’t “make the grade”, correct it until it can be routinely produced to the proper standard.

3)   Once validated as the full standard it can then be distributed.

4)   Remain humble, knowing that maintaining that standard is the only scene to strive for, not accepting anyone’s “know-better” of it which is usually less than the standard; always have the willingness to change what’s been done thus far to truly meet the standard and keep it there.

5)   Insist those around you know exactly what maintaining this standard requires and ensure it is followed, and correct with training when not.

6)   You could take a more professionally approach by retaining a competent individual with a proven track record of high standards on production, who has also proven they have the ability to achieve the standard and appoint them as your full-time Quality Control Director.

Insist on the verification of your products or services and insist that those in your employ do the same.  You will not only maintain a high standard but your clients and business associates will recognize you as having integrity in your production standards.

Remember, creation of a product or service is always dear to the creator, but one must also understand this always requires a second / final phase before distribution…  That second phase is Quality Control.

Craig Ferreira, CEO                                                                                                                     Survival Strategies, Inc