PT Private Practice Owners Tackle Industrywide Issues at Survival Strategies’ Summit and Roundtable

Private Practice Owners from around the U.S. gathered at Florida’s Orlando Hilton in October to attend a three-day practice management summit and roundtable.The event was hosted by veteran PT consulting firm Survival Strategies, Inc. Every component was designed to strike right at the heart of the barriers keeping practices from expanding out into their communities so they can help more people.

Marketing, recruiting, referrals, meeting goals—each one was given lavish attention. Between sessions, owners shared their methods for overcoming specific problems common to most PT practices. It was a rewarding, enlightening and motivating event from start to finish.

Nancy Mura, SSI President and Craig Ferreira, SSI CEO, welcomed Private Practice Owners to the Summit.
Nancy Mura, SSI President, covered industry-wide issues faced by Private Practice Owners.
A special roundtable was held for Private Practice Owners, moderated by Craig Ferreira, SSI CEO, and Nancy Mura, SSI President.
Owners shared their successful actions for others to implement in their practices.
Nancy Mura, SSI President and Craig Ferreira, SSI CEO, worked one-on-one with attendees.
The Private Practice Owners collaborated on solving issues in their practices.
Practice Owners discussed their pain points and successful actions at the roundtable.

Starting Off with a Bang: Marketing the PT Private Practice

Marketing is a constant challenge for every Private Practice Owner. It will never be a task you can just put on automatic! The technology of marketing and the expectations of the public are always changing so it’s vital to keep up. Our first session featured Diane Crecelius, a PT and CEO, who shared the knowledge gained while expanding one PT practice into a network of centers. The morning session also included important tips on how to boost referrals and utilize social media for the best advantage.

Diane also addressed the pain points of every practice: handling no-shows and cancellations. The way she explained the solutions were so simple and straightforward. She then instructed the group on one of the most critical skills for any PT Private Practice Owners: How exactly do you achieve those ambitious collections targets you set for yourself? It can be done if you know just a handful of secrets—and utilize them consistently!

PT Private Practice Recruiting and Hiring

Patrick Valtin, an SSI associate and heavy hitter in recruiting and hiring, presented this day-long seminar. Patrick has trained more than 140,000 people around the world on successful methods of acquiring and retaining great staff. His presentation was titled “A New Recruiting and Hiring Strategy for a New Era.”

This presentation totally struck a nerve! In these days of challenging hiring, it is possible to find the best staff on the market. You simply have to learn from Patrick’s vast experience and then use what you learned every day. Having a superior, trustworthy staff can free you up to place more attention on your expansion plans!

More Great News on Recruiting and Hiring for PT Private Practices

Patrick has joined with Survival Strategies, Inc. to develop a training program for PT Private Practice Owners to turn them into recruiting and hiring ninjas! We’ll be talking more about this new program soon. (If you can’t wait and you need to know more about it now, contact Survival Strategies, Inc.)

Current and Future Trends in the Physical Therapy Industry

Dimitrios Kostopoulos, DPT, MD, PhD., DSc, ECS and Hands-On Companies cofounder, wowed the crowd with insights into the trends in the outpatient PT industry. Being able to see what’s coming can help you prepare for consumer, business and insurance company changes.

Leadership in PT Private Practices

Leadership isn’t something taught in college! But if you don’t develop your own strong leadership, managing a successful practice can be a constant struggle. One of the most dynamic practice leaders we know, Paul Silovksy of Rebound Physical Therapy, shared his lessons and experience from nearly three decades of service to his community. He provided a truly eye-opening education for every attendee.

Even More Conference Benefits and Value

Between sessions and even during sessions, there was so much more going on! Our CEO Craig Ferreira, Paul Silovsky, Diane Crecelius and SSI business analysts were busy consulting with owners all day, every day! Between the formal sessions, we had PT Private Practice Owners in what we called the “Hot Seat,” sharing down-and-dirty realities of overcoming problems in their practices. Everyone learned from their stories—even me!

Craig and I also moderated two roundtable meetings to pick up the specific pain points we hear from almost every client and share effective solutions. There were plenty of opportunities for networking as well. One of the wonderful things about this industry is how willing everyone is to share their successes and knowledge.

First thing in the morning, we had these wonderful “Yoga for Every Body” classes with Jessica Hatfield, OT, CEO, Private Practice Owner and registered yoga instructor. Many of our attendees chose to participate to sharpen their minds and bodies for a day of enlightenment.

Even Orlando itself offered great benefits! Some attendees carried networking or bonding over to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Others joined the Conga line and enjoyed the music and savory food at Estefan Kitchen Orlando. Partaking of the Hilton’s superb amenities was also popular. If you missed this powerhouse event, you can still gain the skills to achieve steady growth for your PT Private Practice. Just contact Survival Strategies for a Free Financial Assessment Tool.