Keys to Private Practice Success


Finally, Proven Practice Solutions…

From the groundbreaking author and “hands-on” mentor who helped 4,000 practitioners over the last 30 years to succeed beyond their dreams. Here you have specific advice, strategies and the tools you need to apply them.

You will discover how to:

  • Stand-Out against the competition.
  • Control the quantity and quality of patient referrals.
  • Get the upper hand on insurance reimbursements.
  • Do Financial Planning for better profits.
  • Hire, motivate and retain the best staff.
  • Get others to get the work done.

Your superior clinical training and experience is hard-won. You have the courage to be your own boss, treat patients the way you know is best and control your destiny. In The Keys to Private Practice Success you will learn what they didn’t teach you in school.

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