Breaking the Code: The Mysteries of Modern Management Unlocked


SIMPLE AND ADVANCED: The principles taught in this book are simple. They are also highly advanced. Applying them can bring new life to a faltering company or help get one started off on the right foot. If you understand the basics in this book, there won’t be an organization anywhere you can’t help.

Breaking the Code contains the essential elements of the basic hat ─ data that every employee needs to know in order to operate as part of a team ─ everything from the basics of organizing to the secrets of efficiency. The book is designed specifically for ease of application in any type of organization. It provides illustrations, examples, and editorial comments to aid the reader in achieving full understanding of the concepts presented therein.

Key features of this groundbreaking 200-page publication include a 15-page comprehensive index, a glossary composed of 138 fully defined terms, 66 color graphic images, 39 photos, and 129 footnotes. It contains nearly 100 examples to aid the reader in gaining full comprehension of the material contained in the book.