Private Practice Physical Therapy – Is It Better?

One of the main barriers most private practice physical therapy practitioners run into, is how to communicate to potential patients on why it’s better to use them rather than other alternatives such as the big corporate chains or hospitals, etc.

Private practices, when viewed from the outside, have the odds against them: less access to the latest equipment, limited funds to pay the most trained or experienced staff, less of a financial cushion to be able to wait for their insurance payments to come, etc.

But, there is one element that is the biggest advantage in any business today: the presence of someone who cares. Think about it… How many of the big corporate conglomerates or hospitals have one or more of the owners on the floor, sleeves rolled up ensuring the highest quality of care possible? How many of the owners stay until the wee hours of the night ensuring that the job gets done right? How many of the owners have a personal relationship with the employees of the firm? Now, that makes me want to go to a private practice over any other option out there!

So, when you’re trying to communicate to your potential patients or referral sources whythey should come to you and not to the more impersonal alternatives, say that without any qualms. Who would argue with that but a person blinded by greed or potential for personal gain? (You wouldn’t want to work with them anyway.)

Now, remember to back up any offer of better quality of care with products that show exactly that. It is not enough that you know that a patient has been rehabilitated to the highest level possible, but it is necessary that the patient knows that and with certainty – in addition to their friends and family as well as the referral source.