Press Release December, 2009

Private Practice Owner’s Manual Donated to All P.T. Universities in the US & Canada

Survival Strategies, a Private Practice Consulting Firm located in Burbank, CA., with several of their top clients, recently donated copies of their book “The Keys to Private Practice Success,” to all P.T. Colleges and Universities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Harvey Schmiedeke, Survival Strategies’ President, passed away earlier this year but authored and left this book as one of his many legacies. This book shows his true dedication to helping Private Practice owners with their Marketing, Referral Base Development, Reimbursements, Staffing and Hiring Issues, etc. Harvey had worked in the Private Practice field for over 20 years and this book is the culmination of this experience of having worked with over 4,000 practitioners throughout the U.S. and Canada.

This book offers hands-on tools with practical exercises to help practice owners and practitioners with Marketing and Management Skills They Don’t Teach You in College. It is now available in the College and University Libraries so students may learn not only how to treat a patient, but also the ins-and-outs of practice management. Many Universities have sent us back heartfelt letters of thanks and gratitude noting this will help in the education of future generations of health care.

The book’s Dedication reads: “This book is for my friends and colleagues, soldiers of the heart in the battle for true health care.” Harvey Schmiedeke, CEO Craig Ferreira, and the clients who lent their hand in the making and donating of this book, are proud to say they are making a difference in this field.