Physical Therapy Business Consulting

Have you ever noticed that when you don’t know how to do something or you don’t think of yourself as being good at it, you tend to foist the activity off onto someone else and avoid it like the plague from then on?

I have had many clients who (one way or another) tried to get me, as their consultant, to do things that they should be doing as business owners. And when I clarified for them that it’s their job, they would say something like, “I thought that is why I’m paying out the big bucks!!” And all I could say was, “nice try!”

See, if you keep that mentality of trying to get others to do what you are not adroit at, thus successfully avoiding it, you are always going to be where you are in regards that specific activity. The business owner’s job description is probably the longest of all job descriptions in your business. And in most cases, it’s most likely completely missing from your job descriptions file! Hey, this is what keeps me in business, but I would be remiss in my duties if I did not ensure YOU are learning how to do your job as a business owner and learn how to do all those activities as a real pro. Doing otherwise creates the infamous “consultant dependency” which can be as bad as any other non-optimum dependency, because it limits your freedom as an individual.

So, be suspect of the consultant who offers to do your P & L for you, or who wants to reconstruct your statistics from the pile of paperwork you’ve left, or wants to handle one of your employees for you, or who accepts to work directly with your employees without you needing to be present. You should always demand that you be present in any business dealings /handlings so you learn how to do it.  If he tells you how to compile the statistics, you learn it and do it, and so on. It is in your job description!