New Referrals Tripled

Jeff Steckler, CEO and Owner of California Rehabilitation

Working with Survival Strategies, Jeff was able to take his new referrals, averaging around 19 per week, to an excess of 60 per week and increased his collected revenue by over 20%!

Jeff and his consultant, John Hansen, are currently working on implementing the Management Program. This program enables the owner and their key staff to fully plan and implement effective organizational steps and actions, which create an overall team atmosphere as well as high, efficient new levels of productivity.

The Management Program is delivered in five days, on a one-on-one basis with follow-up for seven months of weekly calls with your personal consultant.

FINAL PRODUCT: A Client with the demonstrated ability to:

  1. Execute overall planning for the organization and make this planning become an actuality.
  2. Better manage staff toward improved efficiency & productivity.
  3. Understand and use the basics of statistical management, i.e. objective management.
  4. Get a full return on his/her investment if he/she devotes the necessary time and effort and applies the administrative technology learned in this module exactly.