Motivation and Morale in the Workplace

Judging from the number of motivational speakers out there who earn a good living giving pep talks, this would seem to be a hot subject in business circles. Over the years, just about every client I have helped has brought up this subject one way or another. So, I thought I would share a few basic ideas with you that might give you a helping hand in this regard.

If you take a good look around, you will eventually come to notice a very interesting fact; in an expanding population such as ours, individual purpose and value are the most vital and wanted commodities. When a person has a purpose in life that he considers worthwhile, and is working to forward that purpose, he doesn’t need someone else to constantly give him pep talks. He’s self-motivated. And if his work results in products of value to others, his morale will be high.

This is so much the case that you will find the criminals of this world are the people who have had their purposes blocked so completely that they have lost their sense of value and their self-respect.

Now, having a purpose is one thing. Being able to convert that worthwhile purpose into a valuable product requires know-how. And that comes from effective training.

So, you want to have self-motivated and high-morale personnel? Give them a position that has a worthwhile purpose and make them aware of that purpose. Then give them adequate training to be able to produce valuable products routinely on that post, and watch them go!

You may need to rekindle their purpose every once in a while, if it gets blunted. You may need to occasionally update their training. But these are the basics, and this is the route to a truly enjoyable and prosperous workplace. Try it and see for yourself.