Increasing New Patient Volume

I was talking to a client recently and he asked me an interesting question: “What is the most cost effective way to increase new patient volume?” I gave him an immediate answer, then thought you might benefit from the answer as well. So here you are.

You have patients who are doing better because of your care. They know other people who might benefit from your care. So, ask them for a referral! Don’t just wait for them to originate on their own.

You know, most people like to help other people. If you ask a patient for a referral, all you are really doing is giving him an opportunity to help a friend, and you as well. What’s wrong with that? Nothing that I can see. In fact, there is a lot that’s right about it. If youdon’t give your patient the opportunity to help you in return for the help you have given him, he may leave your practice with the feeling he owes you something. If someone really helps you, don’t you feel an urge to do something for him in return? I certainly do, and every client I have ever talked to has told me the same thing.

So now the question is, “How do you ask him for the referral?” Well, first of all let your patient know you are very happy he is doing better. Then tell him your goal is to help as many people as possible, and ask “Whom do you know that has a physical problem I might be able to help with?”

It’s really that simple. Give it a try. You have a lot to gain and nothing to lose.