How to Reduce Employee Turnover

High turnover of employees can be a costly and time consuming situation. It’s something that most businesses have had to deal with at one time or another and, in the current economy, it is important to cut out all waste and create a smooth running machine of an organization.

So, how does one acquire valuable employees who stay for the long haul? The first part has to do with hiring the right people. However, that is not the subject of this article. I want to discuss how you can make the most of the employees you have currently.

You have heard the line, “knowledge is power.” It very much applies here.

One of the first things to do with a new hire (and you can do this with existing staff if it’s never been done) is to make sure they are fully clear on your office policy. You should have some kind of basic employee handbook which clearly establishes your company policy. This would include things such as; office hours, dress code, holiday pay, overtime, vacation time, expected conduct and courtesy, and anything else pertinent to your activity that would apply to all staff. Get them to read this and understand it in full.

Having this information makes them feel much more a part of the team and makes them aware of what to expect and what is generally expected of them, as an employee of your company.

The next and most important action to take is to get your employees well trained for their position. They need to know every aspect of the duties they are supposed to perform. In short, they need to become expert at their jobs. Obviously, if they have been hired for a clinical position, it would be expected that they are already trained in their particular field, such as a physical therapist or dental hygienist, etc. I’m referring more to the administrative functions of the job. There is on-the-job training, but there should also be job descriptions, in writing which clearly delineate the functions of every position in your company.

Ensuring that each employee has been fully trained on those functions and can perform them efficiently will go a long way in stabilizing them on their job. Having the duties and functions in written form will also provide them with the opportunity to refer back to the materials and look up anything they are unsure of. They will be happy because they’ll know how to get the expected results on a routine basis. They will know they are contributing value to the company.

Stable, productive employees will enjoy their work and will want to stick around!