Marketing Ideas for Physical Therapy

In consulting physical therapy practices, I am constantly being asked for marketing ideas for physical therapy. I would love to be able to answer that question with a lot of novel, interesting, incredibly effective ideas that would boom your practice in days. Regretfully, I am afraid not.

However, I can tell you that unless you started your practice today, you are sitting on many effective marketing ideas that have worked in the past. The problem might be that you have not tracked the information to guide you through the maze. And if I leave you today with one valuable thing, that may very well be it: set up a system to track where your referrals, inquiries, phone shoppers, walk-ins, etc. come from. The system has to reflect where they heard from you that made them come. In physical therapy this can be tricky, in that the referring physician may obscure the actual prompter to call or come in. But asking the right question might help.

For the above to work wonders for you, it has to be kept every time you receive any new person’s incoming communication. This will make it an accurate record. This will help you use the marketing ideas you already have and were effective.

So, if you don’t have a system or you don’t trust the one you have, this is the very first thing you need. Once you have the data as to how much each of your marketing efforts is giving you in return, you can simply reinforce those which work by sending out more of it, or doing more of the action that got you reaches. You will often find that you did not need the novel, interesting, incredibly effective ideas after all! If you are still standing right now, you have done something right. You already had the brilliant idea, you just did not know it!