How to Increase Total Revenue

In order to increase your revenue you need to study the sequence of activities that begins with public relations, moving towards marketing and then on to the sales department in order to see which one, if increased, would thus increase your income.

These are 3 different subjects, each having their own specific technology. You may be doing marketing, for example, but it is not driving in sales. The problem could be that you have not completed the prior step that exists before marketing which is public relations. Your marketing will work much better if you have implemented a PR program. It also could be that your marketing is not based on any public surveys but is just someone’s “bright” idea of what the public wants and will buy. If no surveys are done, then your marketing will be flawed. Last, if you are getting in leads of any sort, but revenue is not occurring then, of course, your sales area needs an overhaul.

These are the broad strokes. The first thing I have a client do to increase their revenue is to investigate what has increased revenue before and do that again and more often.