How to Gain Respect from Employees

You only gain respect from your employees if you set an excellent example of production yourself and the adherence to the policies you have established for your group. Lead them on towards accomplishments; do not let them flounder around with not enough to do.

Allow people to take initiative on their jobs and expect them to take initiative. Let your staff know that their job is just that – their job, it is not yours! It may seem that you would gain respect if you remain being the “problem solver.” NOPE! Your job is not to solve your staff’s problems but to get them to solve their own and to train them so they can. Make sure you have set goals that are tough and demanding of initiative and action, if they are too small of goals, or “easy to obtain,” this gets quite boring.

Lastly, you must keep yourself upbeat and in good “spirits”. Because of your leadership role, you affect people in ways that you may not ever be aware of. It does happen. If you are down, it spreads. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this is part of the game!