How to Be a Great Leader in the Workplace

CraigOne of the most important aspects of leadership is being very certain that there are very clear and understandable goals for the members of the group and that they know what they are. You must work to obtain full agreement from the members of the group concerning the goals, or you will not build a team.

The next step is working out the sub-goals for the various portions of the group that align with the overall goals. Then it becomes the tactical steps required to bring these goals into the real world and the delegation of the work to those concerned.

The best leaders are visionaries; always putting the future there and ensuring there is compliance to the actions required for accomplishment. You have to lead by example, if you are not fully willing to do any job anytime, your team will lose their faith in you. At the same time it is not the leader’s job to solve their staff’s problems, but to insist their staff learn to solve their own problems, and the right ones please! You do this by ensuring you have training programs for your staff so they are always increasing their skills. The viability of the entire group lies with the leader as well. If the activity is not viable, it will not make it. Viable means solvent. First; not spending more than you are making, and second; building up reserves for re-investment into bettering the business.

All groups need an ethical leader who sets the standards and ensures they are met; pushing your team just a bit beyond what they consider possible to get done and always ensuring there is a game defined, a game to win and rewards for accomplishment.

Have fun!