Harry Koster, PT, Cert. MDT Owner of Spine & Rehab Specialists El Paso, TX

Harry’s Mission Statement: It is the mission of Spine & Rehab Specialists to provide the highest standard of care in the provision of Physical Therapy services in a cost effective manner. Our patients will receive the full benefit of the treatment, rehabilitation and emotional support necessary to achieve their highest functional ability. We accept professional accountability for the care and services we provide to our patients, and the community and institutions we serve. We are dedicated to providing quality services, realizing that quality is the degree to which our services:

  • Increase the likelihood of desired outcomes
  • Are consistent with current professional standards and
  • Are perceived by the consumer as good

Harry’s Passion: “There’s nothing more rewarding than helping people regain their health and return to the activities they enjoy. That is one reason I’m trained and experienced with the internationally recommended and recognized “Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy” or McKenzie Method. If you have back or neck problems, or any other joint problems, I can use this method to get you out of pain and back to your lifestyle quickly and effectively, even if you have tried other forms of treatment. And we have the latest and most advanced equipment ready to help you.”

Background with Survival Strategies, Inc.: Harry has been a long-term client of Survival Strategies for over 6 years. He has done the Referral Increase Program, Effective Reimbursement Program, Management and is now on the Acceleration and Stabilization Program. The latter is conducted through Survival Strategies with the training done by team members of Excel Physical Therapy and Fitness.

Here are some of his gains:
(The Management Program)…“Has helped us get our business more stable and have a better understanding of where problems arise. Greater stability has helped our bottom line. Doing this program has helped us give a different direction to our practice, which will make us more successful in the long run.”