Getting the Most out of Physical Therapy Consulting

Is the consulting of a physical therapy practice best done by a physical therapist? While you could argue that a physical therapist “knows the business well” because he has practiced in it, isn’t it true that the reason most physical therapists feel they need consulting is their lack of business education from their PT school?

Fundamental business principles, especially those with a track record of being workable, are the solid foundation for all group activities and businesses. So they can be adapted to an architectural firm, an automotive shop, a health care office, as well as a beauty shop to name a few. But they would have to be “adapted” – that is the operative word here.

So, if you are looking for physical therapy consulting, I would advise to look for a firm or an individual who has a high familiarity with the profession, but more importantly, also has familiarity with a workable business and management system with a very high batting average. Is this too much to ask? No.

I have had clients who were in a profession I was thoroughly familiar with and for which I had codified many successful actions and programs. It was a walk in the park, frankly. I have also had it where I had the first client of a particular profession, and had to spend some time at the drawing table figuring out some particularities to this new activity. While that was not easy, it was successful, which brings me to the core point I am trying to make: the most important aspect of choosing a consulting firm or individual is finding one that’s based on an effective set of management principles, based on natural laws, which have been tried, tested, and observed to work over and over again, without fail. Do your homework in this regard and I’m pretty confident you’ll make a successful choice.