Gabrielle Sadowsky, A.u.D. Owner of Desert Sounds Mesa, AZ

Gabrielle’s Mission Statement: Hearing connects you to your loved ones and your social world. It allows you to join in the fun of an evening with friends in a restaurant, share an intimate conversation or be at the center of the excitement of a movie or game. No wonder that people with hearing loss often feel isolated and left out. Let us help bring the joy of connection back into your life.

Gabrielle’s Background with Survival Strategies, Inc.: Gabrielle started in 2010 with the Full Practice Analysis which takes about a month to complete and looks into every “nook and cranny” of the practice to discover its unique problems and potentials. Following that she signed up for the Referral Increase Program.

Here are some of her gains following this Program:
“Before we began the program we were in a state of emergency. We were having difficulties with generating revenue that would sustain our practice. We have been doing physician marketing for several years, with a hard concentration in the last 3. It has been excruciating and costly. We tried to follow the models used by pharmaceutical companies and drug reps. It was all about the lunches and the goodies.

With the guidance of Survival Strategies, we have a clear understanding of communication and were given a step by step manual on how things should be done to get results. We have seen our physician’s get a greater understanding of what we do and we see them enjoying the tools we give them to help their patients.

The cost of the training and tools I obtained is much cheaper than the cost I spent on newspaper advertising and patient mailers. Using the strategies in the Referral Increase Program is bringing me better qualified patients. The hand holding and counseling I got through my Survival Strategies Supervisor (Ximena Smith) was excellent.”